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Owning a school is an enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience.  Though, like most great things it does require dedication, hard work and can be very complicated.  Don't worry, you're not alone.  IPC Green offers franchise options to help you every step of the way.  Whether you wish to invest and rest, or actively participate at your location, we have an option for you.

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Construction & Design

Long before children ever enter a room for the first time, the school campus is designed. We take provide in being eco-friendly, though most importantely is having a properly designed school that is safe and effective for teaching.  We provide room layouts, requirements, building designs and techniques to design a school children, parents, and staff will all love.



Everything you need to know about how to operate an established school.  We start with a one month training course in Bangkok at an existing school location for the school admin.  With this they can comfortable be ready to operate their school when the doors open.  We also provide teachers training, operations assistance and on-site inspections to keep your school operating to IPC Green standards throughout the year.



Any school can only be as great as their curriculum.  IPC Green uses the time proven British International curriculum with a special emphasis on being eco-friendly.  From the materials used, to the subjects taught and the ideas remembered.  We don't only teach responsibility, we teach in a responsible way.

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All of our franchise locations receive dedicated advertising from the IPC Green advertising team.  Our advertising consist of multi tier ads that are targeted to qualified potential customers in the locations pertaining to that school along with redistributed ads to those who have shown interest.  A very strong tool for bringing in new students.


Mangement services

For those not looking to have an active role in their IPC Green location, we do offer a Mangement services option.  The IPC Green management team will oversee the day to day operations of your franchise location.

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