Baking is so much fun!

Dear parents, 

This has been a very busy week in Nursery. We have finished up with our, 'Under the sea' theme this week by reviewing what we have learned and singing some of our favourite under the sea songs. The children are all getting very excited about Christmas as they have started to help make some Christmas decorations to put up on display ready for our new theme! 

Cooking class was a huge success this week as we decided to make and decorate sugar cookies! Everyone loved this activity and got so excited to choose what shape and colour they wanted their cookies to be. They all couldn't wait to eat their cookies as they turned out so cute! Everyone saved their cookie and took them home to eat, however I did hear that they were so good they ate them all up! 

For Nature exploration this week, we had some really good eyes out as the children spotted some giant caterpillars eating up our plants. It was so exciting for them to see and they had such good eyes that we spotted a family of 6. The children helped pick some food from our garden and we gave the caterpillars a new home with food that we picked to help save our plants! 

We also enjoyed a lot of free painting this week as I wanted the children to relax and paint in whichever way the wanted. It was great to see everyone use their imagination and choose which way they wanted to express their creativeness. Some chose to paint with their hands, some chose shapes and some chose to paint with brushes. They all turned out great and colourful! 

Next week we will begin our Christmas theme. For Show and tell could you please bring in something that has to do with Christmas. Please don't forget that Tues 5th December is a holiday and we will be closed. Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to seeing you next week!