Everyday in Nursery is fun!

This has been a wonderful week in Nursery. The children have been loving our, 'Under the sea' theme. Everyone has been so focused during our activities this week and it has been great hearing all the different questions everyone has been asking throughout the week! 

This week in Nature exploration the children have been really interested in our vegetable garden and watching all the vegetables as they continue to grow. We talked about what is growing in our garden, what colour the vegetables are and the different textures and sizes of the leaves. It has been a great learning tool for them as they continue to watch the growth process and even use the labeled signs to talk about what vegetable is growing! The children also created their own fish by using different shaped leaves. 

In cooking class this week we made banana chocolate chip muffins and everyone absolutely loved making this! They each helped measure, pour and mix in the ingredients. They really enjoyed helping to pour their mixture into the muffin liner. The muffins turned out delicious and they really enjoyed eating them for snack!

This week we really focused on maths and everyone had a great time joining in with our maths game. It was such a big success that we turned it into our sensory tray the next day. The children each took turns searching in the rice for a hidden shape or number and had to match it to the correct spot on the paper! They all loved playing this game and did a fantastic job at talking about what they found! 

In language arts this week we talked about different fish that we see in the ocean such as their colours, shapes and sizes. Everyone got to create their own fish by choosing different shapes and colours. The fish turned out great and they were all so proud of their work! 

Next week for Show and tell could you please have the children bring in something that is big and something that is small. This can be any 2 toys that they have, it just allows the children to make comparisons between big and small. Thank you so much for all your help and I look forward to seeing everyone next week! 

Have a wonderful weekend.

 Enjoying some role play in the activity room!

Enjoying some role play in the activity room!

 colour sorting!

colour sorting!

 Sensory tray fun throughout the week!

Sensory tray fun throughout the week!