Under the sea fun!

This week we have continued with our, 'Under the sea theme.' The children are loving this theme, especially seeing their artwork being displayed on our big classroom board. It really helps them talk about, colours, shapes, counting and much more! This week everyone got to make their own shark and they loved it. It was great to see them choose how many teeth they wanted their shark to have and then use their sharks to sing along to 'baby shark!'

For sensory this week the children practiced their counting and number skills by playing in the fish market tray. They had to count out how many fish they wanted and how much it would cost. We also had fun learning what seaweed felt like by using scrapes of paper and putting them in the water which made them all gooey! They were not to sure that they liked the texture, but then they had fun moving the sharks and whales through the seaweed. 

For cooking this week everyone got to make their own pizza. They loved making it, but eating it was definitely more fun! They all ended up with more pizza on their face than in their mouths. Everyone took their time to carefully spread on the pizza sauce and then add their cheese, some adding lots and lots of cheese. 

Show and tell was a big hit this week! It was so wonderful to see everyone super excited to share their toy, which was all about going to the beach. Everyone did a great job at talking about what they brought, how to use it, and then letting friends touch and play with it outside. 

Next week we will be continuing with Under the sea. For show and tell could you please bring in something that starts with the letter, 's.' We have been having a lot of fun with letter sounds, both inside the sensory trays and during brain gym centres. I look forward to introducing our letter sound, 's' next week. 

Have a wonderful weekend!