Together we are great!

It has been a great week at IPC Green. The children have all been so excited whether we are playing a game, singing, dancing or just reading a story. It has been wonderful to see how many friendships have developed throughout the year and how well they all play and learn alongside each other. We are all looking so forward to our graduation show on Thursday and everyone has their very best dance moves ready to surprise you!

This week, outdoor play has been full of story telling. The children have loved creating pretend play ideas such as, going on holiday with their friends, pretending that they are working, cooking lunch for the hard people working and being super heroes of course! It has been wonderful to see the children really use their imagination outside and continue to build on their language skills!

During art class this week we focused on free painting. Everyone painted their own picture of something that they like. We had all kinds of pictures from, 'painting hands, kitchen, gardens and just painting with some of our favourite colours!' After they finished painting they each talked about what they had made with their friends and teachers. It was great to see how proud they all were of their work. 

For sensory play we had everything from an ice cream shop to washing clothes. The children loved pretending to wash the baby clothes and then learning how to twist the water out before they hung them up. It was great to see them as they all tried to help each other to make sure the babies had clean clothes. 

We are all looking forward to next week and can't wait to show you our dance and play some games and then end our week with our Pajama party. Have a lovely weekend!


Ms. Casey


Beach fun

It has been a fun week in Nursery as we have started a new topic to end our school year! We have been talking about places we love to go when it is summer time and what we like to do. Going to the beach is definitely a favourite, as everyone loves playing in the sand and splashing around in the water. 

In Art class this week we had fun making our own flip flops! We asked each child what colour flip flops they wanted to wear to the beach and then they each got to paint their own and decorate them with glitter! We also had fun making some fun snacks that we would eat at the beach such as, watermelon and ice cream. It was great to see everyone get creative with their ice cream and talk about how many scoops, and sprinkles they wanted as well as which flavor they had. 

We also had so much fun splashing around the swimming pool this week. We marched our way to the swimming pool pretending that we were going to the beach. Everyone loved pretending that we were at the beach as we got to swim with the fish, saw some sharks and played with our friends. 

For sensory we set up a seaside tray where we used pretend people to act out going to the beach and seeing different sea animals. We also had fun with pretend cooking and mixing in our pasta tray, the children loved making food for their friends and teachers. 

For language arts and Drama this week we acted out having a picnic at the beach. It was great to see the children talking about what we needed to bring to the beach as well as who was going shopping for the food and who was going to cook it. We had a great time role-playing picnic and sharing with our friends.

Next week we will continue with our beach theme as we are getting everyone ready and excited about our 'Splish splash beach graduation bash!' Have a wonderful weekend and we will see you on Monday! 

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We love learning!

It has been a great week this week even though it has been short. We spent this week reviewing some of our favourite books, songs and games. It has been great hearing the children talk about what songs they want to sing or which books they want to read. It has been fun getting to know what each child has really found interesting this year and how they are now expanding on that topic. 

During cooking class this week we made a fruit salad. We talked about the colours, and textures of different fruits, whether they are sweet or sour. Everyone loved cutting up the fruit and they would each talk about which ones were easy and which ones were hard. They all thought the apple was the hardest as they had to really press down hard. After we cut up all of the fruit we mixed it into the bowl and enjoyed a delicious fruit salad after lunch!

During phonics class this week we had fun beating on our drums. The children learned about rhythm as we followed along to the song, 'Walking through the Jungle.' It was a great listening game as we would beat the drums, slow, fast, loud and quiet. We also reviewed some of our favourite jolly phonics sounds and practiced some of our letter sounds, 's' 'a' and 'p'. 

Even though it has been a short week and we had some missing faces it has been wonderful seeing the children show how much they have progressed over the year as we are getting ready for our last month of school. Next week we will begin our graduation theme which will be 'Beach Party.' We are all excited as the children are now learning a new dance for you and will be creating some fun games to play on our graduation day!

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More fun with Polar animals!

It has been a great week this week seeing all the children getting really into the topic of Polar animals. We have talked about what types of animals love the snow and what types of sounds they make. The children loved talking about Penguins and it brought us all back to our Christmas show song, 'Penguin dance.' The children were all so excited to do the dance again and teach their new friends how to be a penguin!

This week in language arts, we made a walrus and listened to what they sounded like. Everyone laughed and thought the walrus was too loud. We also read the story, 'Are you my mum?' Where a polar bear is looking for his mum but meets different arctic animals along the way. We talked about how different the animals look and how they move about in the snow and ice. making comparisons and looking to see what is different. 

During Maths this week we focused on number recognition and familiar shapes. We set up math centers where the children had to trace around objects to see what type of shape it was. We also practiced our counting skills by making cherry toppings for our ice cream using play dough and had fun playing number rhyme games!

During phonics this week we reviewed some of our sounds, 'a,s,o,p,r.' The children did great as we played the phonics freeze game. They all helped each other out when they would hear a sound called and try to find the matching flash card. It was great to see the excitement and enthusiasm when they would recognise the sound! 

We also practiced using scissor this week and the children loved getting the chance to use a new tool. It was great to see how their confidence and excitment to learn the skills in how we hold and use scissors. We will continue to practice as this has been a favourite this week! 

Please have a wonderful long weekend and can't wait to hear all about it when you come back on Wednesday. 



Polar animals

It has been a wonderful week here at IPC Green. We have started a new theme this week, 'Polar animals.' We read the story, 'The polar bear and the snow cloud.' We focused a lot this week on asking friends to play with us, sharing and how to play along with everyone just like in our story. It was great to see the children talk about what they like to do with their friends and how to ask them to join in with their play. 

During Art this week we made a polar bear using recycled newspaper and lego printing to make an igloo. The children loved the process art especially stamping with lego blocks. We also practiced our drawing skills this week. The children had a lot of fun drawing pictures of themselves, mom, dad and some of their friends. It was great to see everyone so focused on what they were doing and all the pre-writing skills that have started! 

For cooking class this week we made rainbow toast. The children had a lot of fun using pipettes to add colour to their toast. It was great for their fine motor skills and they were all amazed by how the colours moved and mixed together to create new colours. 

For mini movers this week we set up an obstacle course and everyone loved it. We had the children crawling, jumping, and balancing. The best part was to see everyone so happy to cheer on their friends and encourage them to keep going even if they fell down! 

We will continue with our theme of polar animals next week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you on Monday. 

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It's a bugs life

This has been a very fun week and ended even better with our crazy hair day! The children all looked amazing with their very funny hairstyles and enjoyed showing them off even more. We have welcomed some new faces this week and it has been exciting to continue to see our class grow and welcome new friends.

During language arts this week we read, 'The very hungry snail.' The children went outside and looked around for snails and we found them hiding throughout our garden. Then they went into the art room and each created their own snail using a recycled CD and various scrap materials. Everyone's snail looked great and we have them on display in our room. We also read the story, 'The very lazy ladybug' and used our hands to make ladybug wings! After looking at various insects through our reading everyone used their own creativity to make a bug. Some chose to have wings, lots of eyes and antennas. 

For maths we joined in with some of our favourite number rhymes, '5 little monkeys' and '10 green bottles.' We practiced number recognition and using our fingers to count out how many. Everyone did a great job at counting and recognizing numbers when they would see the number on the bottle. 

For sensory this week we explored frozen water beads which were very fun to play with as they were super cold. Color mixing with pink and blue paint and water. We also explored a world of bugs using green swampy water, glitter and lots and lots of bugs! 

We ended our week with our water world. The children got the chance to play car wash where we used lots of soap and bubbles to wash our cars. It was fun to see everyone sharing and taking turns to ride in the car while they were being washed. 

For next week we will explore the world of Arctic animals. Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday.



The very hungry caterpillar!

What a fun week we have had learning all about the story of, 'The very hungry caterpillar.' The children have really enjoyed learning about the life cycle of caterpillar as well as keeping a close eye out on the playground for any butterflies!

This week during Art class we have explored painting with a balloon to create a circular shape for our caterpillar, paint mixing and paper folding to make a symmetrical butterfly and collage for our cocoon. It has been great to see everyone listening and following directions during art lessons. 

During Language arts we took our story time outside with painted rocks. The children helped to re tell the story through pictures on the rocks. It was a new and fun way to explore story telling. After our story and song we each painted a rock to make one large caterpillar that will be hiding around our garden! 

We have had a wonderful time playing in the swimming pool this week, everyone was so excited and had so much fun singing the shark song and splashing around. For sensory we also explored the texture of wood chips and washing the cars and trucks in lots and lots of bubbles!

Next week we will continue with our theme, Mini beasts. We will explore into the world of a bugs life where we can learn about many different insects.

As a reminder Friday 11th 2018 is crazy hair day! Please come all styled up with the funniest hairdo you can think of! 

Have a wonderful weekend



Welcome back! Term 3

It has been a great first week back as we have officially started Term 3! We have welcomed some new faces to our class this week and we are so happy to see how excited and happy they have been to join in with all of the fun! This week has been a very busy week and the children have all been excited to see one another and share their stories from their holidays. 

This week we have started a new topic, 'Minibeasts.' The children have all enjoyed learning new songs, 'baby bumble bee' and 'tiny caterpillar.' We have been looking around our garden to see what types of insects we can find and where they like to hide. The children get especially excited when they see snails and butterflies!

For sensory this week we have been exploring water beads, bug exploration and monster truck digging. Sensory is always a fun way for children to share their thoughts and ideas as they play and explore the various textures. 

During cooking class, we made an owl using toast, cream cheese, bananas, apples and raisins. Everyone had such a great time putting their owl together and they were so proud after they finished and could see that it actually looked like an owl. It was even better when we got to eat their delicious creation. 

For art this week we explored some messy painting where the children were able to free paint with colour mixing while using their hands, this was definitely a favourite activity. We also made a baby bumble bee where they tried to use their fine motor skills to peel yellow stickers for the body. 

We had a wonderful end to our week as we welcomed IPC Asoke children to our school for Earth day. It was great to see how well all the children welcomed new friends and showed them around the school. Next week we will continue with our minibeasts theme, focusing on, 'The very hungry caterpillar' story. For Show and tell on Friday please bring in something to do with insects. 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Happy Songkran!

This has been a very fun week at IPC Green as we have been spending the week learning all about fun ways we can play and learn with water. The children have been experimenting with various art techniques using water. We also spent Monday enjoying some Easter activities which the children loved especially our egg splat art!

During Sensory this week we enjoyed using pipettes to drop colored water onto tissue and seeing how it could spread and mix together on the tissue paper. It was great for their fine motor skills. The children also had fun giving their babies a fun and soapy bath! This is always a favorite activity for everyone as they find new ways to make the water more soapy and full of bubbles! 

This week in cooking class we made a grilled cheese roll up. Everyone did a great job at carefully trying to cut the crust off of their bread without breaking it and then spreading butter on top. It was easy and fun for everyone to make and they especially loved eating it! Even some of the students who don't like cheese at their whole grilled cheese roll up it was just that good and fun to make! 

Our Songkran play day was so much fun and everyone had such a great time splashing each other and loved that all the teachers got to play as well! It was great to see everyone so happy and enjoying the fun festive water play.  

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, please take some photos of your trip or activities that you do and feel free to share them through email so we can talk about what everyone did throughout their holiday! 

I look forward to seeing everyone back on 23rd April! Happy Songkran

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Book week 'Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons'

This has been a very busy and fun week in Nursery. The children have loved our week of story telling. We have focused on the book, 'Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons.' It has been a great story for them as it has really helped with number recognition, counting and sorting. It has definitely been a week full of fun math activities! We loved seeing everyone dressed up today, the costumes were amazing and it definitely put the children into some fun book characters when playing! 

For language arts we made our own Pete to help us during our story time. We turned our windows into the story of Pete the cat and then they each placed in the story board. We also enjoyed looking back on some of our previous stories that we had been learning about and enjoyed retelling those stories!

For maths this week we started our morning off by checking to see how many buttons each of us were wearing and counting them out. Everyone loved pointing out who had buttons and who didn't have buttons. After we counted them out we put buttons next to our name and watched as we continued to add more throughout the week. We also enjoyed math games such as 10 green buttons and button sorting.

During art we enjoyed color dipping by using food coloring to create marbled patterns to make large buttons. It was a great fine motor skill activity where they had to pull string through the holes to make a button. We also made Pete using our hand print and everyone created their own Pete the cat t-shirt by colour mixing and adding sticker buttons!

Sensory has been a lot of fun this week as we have created some fun trays for the children to really use their senses. Everyone loved the tea party tray, it was full of different smells and got the children to really ask questions such as, 'what smell is this?' We also had Pete the Cat and his button sorting and spiderweb making. 

Thank you to all the parents for joining in with our Book week morning! The children loved spending time with you in the classroom. They are always so proud to show off what they can do and show you around their classroom and what they made. Next week we will focus on Songkran and have a week full of water activities, experiments and art projects. 

Next week we will be celebrating Songkran on Thursday April 5th, please bring in your water gun for some fun Songkran water play! I'm looking forward to seeing you all next week!


The Gingerbread man

What a wonderful week we have had in Nursery. The children have loved our new story this week, 'The Gingerbread man!' It has been very good for their story telling skills as everyone has loved repeating the fun story line, 'Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me because i'm the gingerbread man.' 

For language arts this week we set up a small world story board that follows along to the book. The children carefully listened to the story and then took turns acting it out and playing different characters throughout the book. It was great to see everyone using lines from the story and repeating along with me. After we finished the story board was left up so the children could independently act it out and it was great fun to watch and listen as they could all remember the story. 

For maths this week we made up a new song to the tune of '10 green bottles' but we changed it to '10 little gingerbread men.' The children each had a gingerbread man and Mr. fox would come to eat 1 gingerbread man at a time. It was a great counting skills games as we had to continuously count down how many were left. This game made the children laugh so much as they all tried to hide their cookies. 

Throughout the week the children have explored various sensory trays from moon sand and exploring a space environment to a cotton candy shop. We found real cotton from the tree and let the children explore what fresh cotton from the tree felt like. Everyone loved it and said it was really soft! We also had a great time with this hot weather playing water world. It was so much fun as we put out the sprinkler to help water our grass this week while the children played and ran through it. We also explored frozen water beads and bubbles. 

Next week is Book week, I have chosen a favorite story for the class, 'Pete the cat and his 4 groovy buttons.' I am very excited to learn about this story next week and all the activities involved. 

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week!

 Language arts story re-telling

Language arts story re-telling

 Phonics exploring different musical sounds!

Phonics exploring different musical sounds!

 Water world

Water world

 Gingerbread man math game!

Gingerbread man math game!

 Brain gym bowling!

Brain gym bowling!

 Having fun drawing a picture of our choice and then painting over it with water colors to show what picture we drew.

Having fun drawing a picture of our choice and then painting over it with water colors to show what picture we drew.


Goldilocks and the Three Bears!

       What a fun and busy week we have had here at IPC Green. We began a new fairy tale story this week, 'Goldilocks and the three bears.' The children really enjoyed learning this story and especially loved the song that goes along with the book. You can find the song on youtube called, 'When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears.' This week we focused a lot on maths from counting, weight, and size and measuring it was a lot of fun. 

During Art this week we went into the art room and teamed up in groups of 3 as each group was in charge of painting either mama bear, papa bear or baby bear. Each team worked really well together and they were all able to successfully take turns and paint the bears as a group. They are still up on display in our art room so feel free to come and check them out. 

For sensory this week we created some new and fun ways to use recycled materials around the school to make our trays more fun and interactive. Everyone got a chance to learn about weight such as, to heavy or to light by using a scale made from egg cartons. We also learned about how to funnel sand by using old paper towel rolls and taping them together to create a tunnel for the sand to pour in and out of. We also made a very interactive tray as we turned the deck into the bears house, it was great to see the children re-enact the story using the book and props provided. 

We finally ended our week off with our International Day performance. It was a successful performance and the children all did great. As a team we are always so proud of the children and how confident they are becoming to get up on stage and perform for everyone. It was a lot of fun seeing the children enjoying the different activities and traveling around to the countries to complete each craft and then finally ending it with the delicious International buffet. 

Thank you for all of your support as always and making the trip to IPC to enjoy the wonderful day! Next week we will begin a new story, 'The gingerbread man' as this has become a class favourite lately!

 Having fun with sensory trays!

Having fun with sensory trays!

 Brain gym centers 

Brain gym centers 

 Our rabbit having fun playing outside with us!

Our rabbit having fun playing outside with us!


The three little pigs

Welcome back! It has been a wonderful week as we have gotten right back into the school routine and started off with our new theme. This week we had fun learning the story of, 'The three little pigs.' It has been a great story that has allowed the children to begin story sequencing and using simple sentences to act out the story and talk about what is happening. 

For language arts this week everyone got to make their own pig. They each drew a circle with paint choosing how big they wanted to make their pig and then a house for which their pig lived in. After they were finished we put them on up on the window where they proudly show off and talk about where their pig is and what house they built for them. We also re-enacted the story using various materials such as straw, cinnamon sticks and blocks. It was great to see everyone use the props to create their own version of the story. 

This week for sensory we had fun playing in a muddy mess with the pigs as well as learning how to count by going on a coin treasure hunt. It was great to see everyone finding different sized coins and helping to count them in the end. 

For art we acted out how the wolf from our story can huff and puff to blow the houses down. Everyone got a chance to pretend to be the wolf as we learned a new technique for painting. They each had to blow through their straw in order to see the paint flow on the paper. It was a fun and challenging art project but they loved it as it made them all laugh!

During mini movers this week we played musical bumps, freeze dance and even joined in with some fun Korean pop songs as we danced around. Everyone also helped to create new obstacle for our activity room and enjoyed trying out new ways to climb and balance. 

Next week we will begin a new fairytale story, 'Goldilocks and the three bears.' 


International week

This was a very fun week in Nursery! The children loved the sensory activities that we explored throughout the week. We played in a new sensory area in the garden where the children had fun playing treasure hunt and finding various pictures on rocks. We also got super excited as our friend Zara came back out of hiding and made her presence to all the children. It was great to see everyone really take an interest in the tortoise and help to find food for her around our garden in order to feed her. The children have also loved visiting Zara in her home and telling her good morning. 

For sensory this week we experimented with colouring noodles and leaving them outside to dry. Everyone did a great job at listening to the instructions and being so patient as we learned step by step how to dye them. We also explored sensory trays with puzzle shape matching and washing fruit. Its always great to see the children continue to use their imagination when playing in the trays and continue to learn new story building skills. 

During cooking class this week we decided to let the class make their own snack. We moved our cooking session to the early morning and everyone helped to mush bananas and mix in the other ingredients so we could make banana chocolate chip muffins. It was great fun to see them get excited to make their own snack and then eat it right after. They tasted delicious and everyone was very impressed that they helped make them. 

For art this week we continued with our Native American theme as we prepared Indian headbands and flags from our native country. It was great fun to see everyone mixing colours for the feather making and learning about patterns as we tried to create one on our headbands. 

I want to thank all of the parents for your support and understanding as we had to reschedule the International Day show due to weather. However the children have all worked so hard on their dance and we look forward to performing our dance on our new rescheduled show date. 

Have a wonderful half term break as we will be closed from 24th February-4th March. We look forward to seeing you back at school on 5th of March! 


It's always fun in Nursery!

This has been a very busy week as we have been having fun celebrating both Valentines Day and Chinese New Year! Everyone has enjoyed all the various activities and fun games that we played this week. Thank you to all the parents for helping to dress up your children so they could join in with all of the fun. 

This week in language arts we talked about different animals that the Native Americans would see and together we helped make a totem pole for our classroom. They all loved learning about the different sounds of these animals as well as their colours and how they move around. 

For maths we learned a new game that helped with our number recognition and matching skills by using our fine motor skills to go fishing. The children each had a fishing pole and had to carefully pick up a numbered fish by using the magnet and then match it to the correct number on the board. Everyone was so patient and tried their best to not use their hands! It was great to see them all help their friends out when it came to number recognition. 

We also had a lot of fun sensory bins this week, one of the favorites being our sound making tray. It was great for their phonics skills as we practiced listening to different sounds and shaking out our instruments to familiar nursery rhymes as well as making up some of our own songs! We also used our sense of smell when exploring our fairy soup which consisted of limes, flowers and glitter. 

We ended our week of with some Chinese New Year fun. It was great to see everyone all dressed up and excited for the day. We tested out our chopstick skills as we played a new game. It was fun to see the concentration everyone had as we moved our cotton balls from the floor to their plate. We also enjoyed making dragons from play dough and Chinese noodles as well as making yummy bowls of noodles in our sensory tray. 

 We will continue with our Native American theme next week as we prepare for our International Day show on Friday the 23rd. 

Thanks and have a great weekend. 

 I can breathe fire like a dragon!

I can breathe fire like a dragon!

sensory (1).jpg
 Fizzy and bubbling hearts for our Valentines Day card!

Fizzy and bubbling hearts for our Valentines Day card!

Native Americans

This has been a fun week as we have been exploring new and fun ways to learn and play in our various indoor spaces. As we have not had the best air quality throughout the week the children have been exploring new ways to play and learn inside. We have also started our new theme for International week, 'Native Americans.' Everyone has been loving this new topic especially our new dance! 

This week for Mini movers we have setup different obstacle courses to encourage the children's balance, climbing and crawling movements. It has been a lot of fun as the children each took turns to show off their skills and cheer their friends on! We also enjoyed dancing, freeze game and musical bumps. 

During cooking class this week we made oatmeal raisin cookies. This was so much fun and smelled delicious. Everyone was very patient and helpful as we all took turns smelling, measuring and pouring the ingredients. After the cookies were finished everyone enjoyed eating them, it was definitely a class favourite! 

This week for language and arts we talked about what Native Americans look like and what kind of clothes they wear. Everyone made their own Native American and got to design their dress with different patterns. They are now all displayed outside on the board as the children all love showing off their work. We also practiced some pre-writing skills this week as everyone used a paintbrush to follow different line patterns. It was a very focused activity and everyone did a great job at practicing how to hold their brush and follow the lines. 

For Art class this week we enjoyed painting on the windows inside the art room! It was so much fun and filled with the children's creations as they were free to paint what they wanted. They all had so much confidence in how and where they wanted to paint. It was great to see the children trying to paint Ms. Skye as she stood on the other side of the window! 

Next week we will continue with our Native American theme as we have a new role-play room setup! There will be no show and tell next week as we have our Chinese New Year dress up day, please come dressed in your Chinese dress and ready for a fun day of activities!



Sports week!

This has been a very fun week as the children have all been prepping for Sports Day! Everyone did so great and had so much fun as they all showed off their amazing running skills. Thank you so much to all the parents for coming out and joining in with Sports Day.

For sensory this week we have been exploring new fun ideas for the sensory bins with the children's imaginative ideas in mind. We created a space galaxy, a dinosaur play zone, seaside and a garden. It has been great seeing everyone build story ideas around the trays and even add in toys to encourage more play ideas. 

During phonics this week we practiced our letter sound, 'a, s and t.' We introduced a new letter sound this week 'i.' Everyone loved joining in with our phonics songs and learning new words that start with the sound, 'i.' We also practiced more listening games by playing various sounds and making movements to the different sounds, everyone loved the tip toe sound! 

For mini movers this week we had a great time playing the freeze game. Everyone danced around in a circle and when the music stopped they fell to floor to freeze! It was so much fun and great for their listening skills. We also created a new obstacle course together and took turns practicing how to balance, climb and slide down the equipment. 

Next week we will begin our new theme for International Day. We will be learning all about Native American Indians! I am very excited for this theme as we have lots of fun activities planned and have even started to learn a new song for our International Day that will be coming up! For show and tell next week please bring in something that starts with the letter sound 'p.' 

Thanks again for all of your support and we will see you next week!


IMG_20180202_190311 (1).jpg

How fun it is to learn about weather!

This has been a wonderful week as we have continued to learn all about the weather. Everyone has absolutely loved this theme and the different activities involved with weather. We also ended our week off with a wonderful Teddy bear picnic! 

This week for art, the children enjoyed free painting with leaves that we picked from outside. It was so much fun to see how painting with leaves could show various prints and designs on the paper. We also made a thunderstorm by mixing black and white paint to create dark rain clouds. It also happened to be the day that we had a rainstorm at school! 

For maths this week we had a lot of fun singing our favourite number rhymes as well as practicing our counting skills. The children practiced counting by role-playing with ice cream and Popsicle cutouts. Everyone loved this activity and it was so great to see them counting out loud and asking friends, 'how many and what colour?' 

During phonics this week we reviewed our letter sound, 'a' and 's.' We also made flowers to help with our name recognition. Everyone did a great job at recognising and helping to spell out their names. They were all so proud of their flowers and love seeing them up on the display board inside the classroom. 

Next week we not be having show and tell as it is Sports day! Please just come excited and ready for some races on Friday! 

Have a lovely weekend!



This has been a fantastic week as we have been learning all about seasons! Our beautiful art room tree has been dropping leaves this week and the children have loved playing with all of the fallen leaves! We had fun going to the top of the art room or as the children call it climbing up the mountain to go see what it looks like during the fall season. 

For language arts this week we had a look at different types of clothes and shoes and talked about which ones we should wear in different types of weather. Everyone loved playing dress up and instantly new what style they like. It was great for their physical development skills as they were even trying to dress themselves! During phonics we practiced the letter sound 'a' and looked at different objects that start with that sound. We also learned the jolly phonics song, 'ants on my arm' and making alligator sounds! 

For maths, we practiced counting by playing our game, '5 green bottles' and counting out raindrops! We also practiced colour sorting by using beads, pom poms and buttons and placing them on the correct colours of the rainbow. 

This week in cooking class we made colourful pancakes. The children each took turns helping to measure out ingredients to make the batter. After the batter was made everyone chose what colour they wanted their pancake to be and mixed it together. We had a wonderful array of rainbow coloured pancakes! A pancake always tastes better with colour! 

We also opened up our new library and everyone was super excited! It made looking at books so much more fun and exciting. They loved sitting on the cloud as well as with the bear looking through various books. We had a great time reading stories together! 

Next week we will continue to learn about seasons focusing on, 'autumn.' For show and tell could you please bring in something to do with cold weather. Thank you and have a great weekend!


Welcome back! Term 2

It has been a wonderful first week back and start to Term 2! We are so happy to have some new friends in class and everyone has been so welcoming. This week the children introduced their new friends to the classroom and helped show them where things were and some of our favourite songs and dances that we do everyday. 

We have started a new theme, 'Seasons.' It has been a great introduction as we have had some interesting weather this week from, hot and sunny to pouring rain and even a little bit chilly. We have introduced a new song called, 'hows the weather.' Everyone loves the actions to this song and now they have started to sing it while we are playing outside. 

For language arts this week, the children worked in groups to paint different seasons on the trees. We talked about what we can do during the different seasons and which ones are cold and hot. They loved seeing the various colours for fall and spring. I was so proud of everyone as they were able to answer simple questions about things we can do outside during summer or winter months. 

During cooking class this week, we made a breakfast smoothie which turned out delicious. They loved helping cut the banana and picking up frozen strawberries. We had fun counting out how many strawberries we wanted inside our smoothie as well as how many pieces of banana. Everyone even made sure to have a little taste after it was done! 

Next week we will focus on 'Spring' for our topic. For show and tell can you please bring in something that has to do with spring weather such as, 'flowers, rain coat, umbrella ect.' 

Have a wonderful weekend!



 Water world fun!

Water world fun!

 Picking up tall plants and finding seeds still attached.

Picking up tall plants and finding seeds still attached.

 All about the seasons

All about the seasons

 Having fun with water beads.

Having fun with water beads.

 Experimenting with making rain drops!

Experimenting with making rain drops!